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I'm Peter Spence and welcome to my galleries. I appreciate your interest in the unique visual images I've created, and offer a variety of environments and subjects that demonstrate my work.
My career began with the photo club in high school back in the '70's, so I've been shooting pictures for quite a while now. I have completed several photography courses in Nova Scotia and New York. This learning along with hands-on experience with renowned photographers like Art Wolfe and Betty Wills from the National Geographic , have provided me with valuable skills which enhance my creative process in capturing the photos that I’m looking for.
"A true photograph need not be explained, nor can it be contained in words."
My vision and passion as a photographer translates into the learning from each other; whether you are a professional or an amateur, behind the camera or the lens, the contribution will reveal itself. Visual media is a powerful expression unique to each person, each photo tells a story.
I offer individual and group workshops, retreats and lectures which are meant to inspire, educate and reach your strengths and artistic vision toward enhancing your skills for whatever genre of photography you do. In promoting photography and networking within our community, I have my own radio show for Nikon at called Northern Exposure, as well as developing collaborative projects with other photographers and professionals. I’m traveling to Columbia in October and look forward to some international projects this year.
If you are interested in learning more information about my photographs or instruction/speaking, please contact me at: - I look forward to hearing from you! Peter


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